Baywatch has been manufacturing quality car wash and commercial use doors for some of the largest companies in the U.S. and Canada for over 25 years.  BayWatch products offer a widely known, superior designed and constructed door that is made to stand up to the harshest climates.  BayWatch offers a choice between polycarbonate and high speed vinyl doors, and both have a variety of options. 



Are my car wash doors closed on a cold night?

Is my heater operating properly?

Is my car wash investment protected?


You'd know if you had BayWatch's IntelliWatch operating system with Remote Monitoring.

BayWatch is the only company that keeps you in touch with your car wash bay at all times through your smart phone or tablet and provides instant alerts if the doors or heater ever fail. 


In addition to manufacturing both vinyl and polycarbonate car wash doors, Baywatch also has traveling installation crews that install doors and heaters across all of North America.  With direct service crews located in the Rocky Mountain region, the Midwest, the East Coast and the Ontario region, BayWatch has the ability to provide direct service as well as offer reliable and quality service through our extensive distributor network for all car wash and heater repairs.  In the Ontario market, BayWatch also has the ability to service all types of commercial door applications.  Click below to contact us with your service needs today.


Are you exposing your wash to more cold and harmful elements because your bay doors have slow air operators?

If you had BayWatch doors and operators that wouldn't be a concern.  See the comparison for yourself in the video to the right.  The BayWatch doors are on the left, and a competitor's air doors are on the right.  You be the judge!



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